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Daniel Arnold

Officially appointed and sworn translator German-English

Qualification. Experience.


All your translation needs in the German-English combination from a single source: You can rely on my experience and Expertise when it comes to translations. I use cutting-edge CAT software, voice recognition systems as well terminology databases.
Law, Finance, Corporate, Compliance, M&A, Real Estate, Construction, Reporting, Tax, Audit, Contracts
You can count on me.

"As an officially appointed and sworn
translator with 9 years experience, the
quality of my work is very important to me. All my
official translations are checked using the 4-eyes principle by qualified collegues. My work is accepted for all legal and
official purposes in Germany and throughout the EU. The
latest linguistic software allows me to deliver high-quality translations to my customers all over the world in the
shortest possible time – among them prominent attorneys,
law firms, auditors, public prosecutors, courts, banks and companies. My translations are frequently used as evidence for court purposes. If you require linguistic support in the German-English language pair – you can count on me. I look forward to hearing from you.

Daniel Arnold

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